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Reg. No. 1138 - Emission Stds for Haz. Air Pollutants for Source Categories - Sections 6 & 10
Date   06:00 PM - 06:00 PM Thursday June 27, 2013   
Meeting Description  MEETING DESCRIPTION
DNREC will conduct 2 public hearings on revisions to Sections 6 and 10 of Reg 1138. These hearings provide DNREC and the public an opportunity to comment on these revisions. Sect. 6 applies to chrome electroplating facilities; Sect. 10 applies to plating and polishing facilities that emit heavy metal compounds. More information is available at: and
The proposed amendments may be inspected at the Department’s office at 715 Grantham Lane, New Castle; at the Department’s office located in the Blue Hen Corporate Center, 655 S. Bay Road, Suite 5N, Dover; at the websites identified above, or in the June 1, 2013 edition of the Delaware Register of Regulations, which is available online at Please contact Jim Snead at (302) 323-4542 to make an appointment to inspect the proposed amendments in the Department’s New Castle or Dover offices. ; AGENDA Hearing Officer Call Hearing to Order Introduction of Exhibits by Department Staff Department Exhibits entered into hearing record Department presentation/explanation of proposed promulgation Hearing Officer will open hearing to anyone from the public wishing to make a statement/comment for the record After all public comment received Hearing Officer will conclude hearing The 2 separate hearings will be held in succession, in the order shown above, beginning at 6:00PM. Persons interested in one or both of the hearings should arrive by 6:00PM, as these changes are expected to be non-controversial and the hearings may progress quickly.

Jim Snead

Richardson & Robbins Building
89 Kings Hwy
Dover DE 19901
DNREC Auditorium



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