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Proposed Regional Haze 5-Year Periodic Report Public Hearing
Date   06:00 PM - 06:00 PM Thursday August 22, 2013   
Meeting Description  MEETING DESCRIPTION
Submit a request to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to approve a revision to Delaware’s State Implementation Plan (SIP) to address the federal Regional Haze Rule (RHR) requirements
Five years after submittal of the initial regional haze SIP, states are required to evaluate the progress towards the reasonable progress goals for each Class I area which the state significantly impacts. This proposed revision serves as Delaware’s 5-year periodic review of the Regional Haze Rule (RHR). The responsible Federal Land Managers (FLMs) have been consulted and their conclusions/recommendations, and DAQ responses are available to the public as part of the supporting documentation and public hearing process. Upon closing of the hearing record and after addressing comments, DAQ will submit the final documentation to the EPA as a revision to the SIP. DAQ proposes to submit a negative declaration to EPA specifying that the Delaware 2008 Regional Haze SIP is sufficient for meeting the requirements outlined in the RHR. DAQ also proposes to conclude that no additional controls are necessary based on the five year progress report. ; AGENDA Hearing Officer Call Hearing to Order Introduction of Exhibits by Department Staff Department Exhibits entered into hearing record Department presentation/explanation of proposed promulgation Hearing Officer will open hearing to anyone from the public wishing to make a statement/comment for the record After all public comment received Hearing Officer will conclude hearing

Jack Sipple

Richardson & Robbins Building
89 Kings Hwy
Dover DE 19901
DNREC Auditorium



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