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Reg. No. 1124 Section 36-Stage II Vapor Recovery Workgroup Meeting
Date   09:30 AM - 09:30 AM Thursday August 29, 2013   
Meeting Description  MEETING DESCRIPTION
The Department is planning to revise Regulation 1124 (7 DE Admin Code 1124) Section 36 -Stage II Vapor Recovery which deals with gasoline vapor emissions at gasoline dispensing facilities (GDF) in Delaware. In addition, DAQ will highlight potential regulatory changes being considered to Stage 1 operations at GDFs. DAQ is organizing a review committee, with members from the regulated community and the public, to assist in this rule-making process. This is the first review committee meeting.
In May 2012, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a final rule in which the EPA determined that “onboard refueling vapor recovery (ORVR) technology is in widespread use throughout the motor vehicle fleet for purposes of controlling motor vehicle refueling emissions, and therefore the EPA is waiving the requirement for states to implement Stage II gasoline vapor recovery systems at gasoline dispensing facilities in (ozone) nonattainment areas.” As a result of EPA’s widespread use determination, the DAQ has been evaluating the continuing, but shrinking, benefits of Stage II in Delaware and intends on revising the Stage II vapor recovery requirements for GDFs. Regulation 24 Section 36 “Stage II Vapor Recovery” can be accessed at The EPA’ May 2012 rule can be accessed at EPA’s rule:!documentDetail;D=EPA-HQ-OAR-2010-1076-0065 ; DAQ plans to discuss relevant issues and assess technologies that will best protect air quality while limiting the burden on the regulated community. Opinions and concerns from the regulated community and the public will be collected and discussed.

Frank Gao

Division of Waste & Hazardous Substances
715 Grantham Ln
New Castle DE 19720



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